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Most Common Desktop PC Errors

Here we’ve broken the top ten desktop computer errors within this guide we’ll discuss top 10 desktop PC problems and how to solve them naturally there are numerous strategies to solve any computer difficulties as well as those presented here offer a good example of that if you know that a better alternative please leave me a comment below to assist others.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Blue screen causes typically brought on by hardware or driver conflict, the solution is to have a look at the dump file to work out precisely what the reason for the malfunction is rather upgrade hardware drivers or think about the scenario where blue screen of death occurs by way of instance you’ve installed new hardware or applications and you may want to conduct hardware diagnostics or look for applications conflicts sometime antivirus utilities can ping BSOD as well.

Missing DLL Files

Files cause typically brought on by incomplete applications setup solution reinstall software locate the lost dll and copy it into system 32 or sis whereas 64 32 folder enrolled DLL if desired through command prompt illustration reg SVR 32 distance and then the title of this dll number three applications or program won’t install cause insufficient disk space newer version currently installed you did not install requisite software by way of instance vc browse dist x64 MS internet or direct x or not compatible with all the operating system alternative free up space on hard disk look for past installation of newer applications install all requirements obtain compatible OS.

PC Running Slow

Tools like RAM CPU or hard disk virus or virus infection overlooking Upgrades alternative open task manager and search for RAM or virtual memory Allocation any software utilize each the RAM correct memory if Mandatory check CPU usage amounts check your hard disk space through activity Manager assess the machine procedures and search for sketchy names utilizing a good deal of CPU or Ram virus may have similar title to common windows elements perform Total system scan for viruses in case you’ve got a virus which you can not

Computer Restarting multiple times

Computer restarting multiple times cause software or Windows updates or a virus solution let the Windows updates finish when those upgrades alone can restart the computer several times and require a long time run virus scan.

Computer OS or applications behaving abnormally

Unexpectedly computer or applications behaving abnormally such as software keeps crashing missing documents or runs slow cause virus disease or hard drive going bad solution run virus may assess Windows system logs such as NTFS system mistakes or alternative or other hard disk associated logs replace hard disk if required number seven net or site dilemma error 404 page not found trigger webpage is deleted or missing wrong site link or site is down alternative when specific page is missing search the website for desired content double check the website link because it can have been changed if pages are 404 contact web master.  

Computer Is Overheating

Computer is running hot overheating cause poor airflow insufficient system fans dirt or dust accumulation CPU fan not working CPU heatsink is loose power supply unit fan isn’t working computer case is open overclocking room or ambient temperature is too large solution ad system instance fans clean your pc from dust if CPU fan isn’t working replace it in case CPU heatsink is loose attach it if power supply unit fan isn’t functioning replace electricity supply close the pc case stop overclocking lower room temperature or move the pc.

Memory RAM or hard drive storage

Low memory RAM or hard drive storage cause too many programs open for example games video editing software large Excel spreadsheets and etc see task manager hard disk storage – little solution close application that use a lot of RAM and just use one at a time perform this cleanup to free up space this should you remove recycle bin download folder cache data temp files old working system restore points rather you can purchase more RAM or add a 2nd hard drive link in description.

Slow Internet

Slow internet causes a lot of downloads in the same time too many computers sharing Internet connection bad Wi-Fi sign a malware or virus infection solution limit downloads if too many men and women are sharing Internet you can restrict or set max rate in router for even supply of bandwidth test Wi-Fi sign distance and fix in router check PC for virus or malware infection reset router call Internet provider thank you so much for seeing I’m sure there are other possible solutions out there for any one of these situations and if you understand them Please talk about them so that we can all learn about them if you enjoy this type of Stuff check out our other blogs.


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