Security System for Businesses

Security System for Businesses

In today’s world securing your business from threats is an essential part of your business success, it became very crucial and challenging to implement proper physical and online security to maximize business security. We will discuss some smart steps towards your security, by taking these smart steps can ensure and maximize your business security against online and offline threats.      

Online Security & Threats Protection

Cyber-attacks are becoming a threat to our daily online life now, we will have to be well equipped against these threats, some of the most common threats are such as ransomware’s, virus’s, malware’s, spyware’s and phishing attacks are becoming more common than ever.  We do hear stories of hacking and network breaches on daily basis now. Here I have outlined some essential steps towards implementing enhanced online security and data protection.

  • Viruses & malware protection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Spyware attacks
  • Phishing attacks
  • Network security

Virus & Malware

Do you know a good anti-virus utility can safeguard you against many online threats, protecting your personal and business devices such as workstation, laptops, smartphone and tablets with such utility can ensure your security against many online threats, there are few things that we can do to ensure safeguard ourselves.

  1. Install trusted antivirus and malware protection software’s
  2. Keep your Firewall ON at all time
  3. Stay away from websites that are not secured
  4. Do not install untrusted apps or software’s
  5. Do not install untrusted browser addons


Ransomware is a file-encrypting malware that encrypts files stored on the victim devices once the files and data are encrypted the device users will no longer be able to open and use any of the encrypted files. The attacker then introduce themselves as a hacker or a fake law enforcement agency saying your system has been lockdown because of a hack attempt or some illegal items such pirated movies or software’s were found on your system and ask for ransom or a fee to decrypt the files, to pay ransom the attacker gives the instruction how to pay them to get the decrypt key.

However, attackers cannot be trusted whether they will be able to decrypt the files and data after paying ransom so it is always recommended to reach out to an I.T professional and security expert to seek professional help or clean your system from viruses and restore your files from the backup instead of dealing with hackers on your own.

Some of the most common ransomware viruses are known as CryptoLocker, TeslaCrypt, SimpleLocker, WanaCry, NotPetya and Locky.

How to safeguard ourselves from ransomware attacks?

Attacker tends to find easy targets means those individuals or companies who have minimal to no online security in-placed. The number of defensive measures can be taken to prevent these attacks:

  • Keep your OS up to date
  • Do not install untrusted software’s
  • Stay away from unsecured websites
  • Install online security anti-virus software’s
  • Backup your files and data frequently
  • Be aware and learn more about phishing attacks
  • Do not click or open a document attached to an unknown or identical email
  • Never follow a link in an email that pretends to be from your bank or credit card company
  • Always seek professional help if you are not sure       

On-Premises Physical Security & Threats Protection

Physical security of your data and IT infrastructure is an essential part of the overall security plan here I have mentioned a basic on-prem security checklist

  • Lockdown your server’s and routers in key lock cabinet
  • Key fob or physical scanning to access the building and server room
  • Disk encryptions to protect your data from copying
  • Cloud backups to protect your business from catastrophic disasters
  • Cloud security cameras inside and outside of your premises

These basic security measures will increase your business online and physical security and safeguard you from ransomware and online theft’s.       


I have been working as an IT Support Analyst for the past 5 years, I have helped small to medium size businesses with their IT & computer networks, online presences, and website development. I have worked as a network and system admin with a verity of businesses including law firms, transportations and managed service providers.

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